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It is very easy to lose direction in life. Lose yourself. Lose control over our own lives, over what we want and what is really important to us. It comes slowly, like a disease. Symptom here, symptom there and suddenly you realize that you are unhappy.

Diets were never "my thing". Herbalife, rice, 90-day, Maching, food combining diet, anything we find on the pages of women's magazines or in "professional" books written by people who have solved their problem in some way, which does not mean that they have found the ultimate solution for everyone.

Whenever there is something wrong with our pets, we run with them to the vet. You know it very well. I know it unfortunately, so far only from childhood, when I was constantly healing my turtle from something. I very much hope that my dream will come true soon and another family darling will be added to our family 😊...

I knew it all my life I had a big weight problem. I've always been shocked at how people feel that it's something you don't even know about, and if they weren't tell you, you might not even figure it out.

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