These are all supplements and products that I use myself and I am very satisfied with their quality. Clicking on the image redirects you directly to the e-shop, where you can buy them. (Partner links)

Natural hydrolysed collagen

peptide from grass fed beef for functional nutrition of skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, joints and cartilage. Free of lactose, gluten, preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Hydrolyzed BIO whey protein with MCT fats

Hydrolyzed whey protein from grass fed cows, with an extra 30% MCT fat and a natural vanilla flavor. Low-carb high-quality nutrition to support muscle growth and regeneration.

A blend of selected BIO arabica coffee

A mixture of selected BIO coffee beans from 100% arabica from Ethiopia, Colombia and Peru. Gentle roasting to medium level with laboratory tests of composition purity.

Premium C8 MCT oil

with the content of pure capric acid (C8), which most effectively delivers immediate energy to the brain and muscles in the body. Without any additives, 100% coconut origin

Whey concentrate 

produced by the most gentle method from milk from cows fed in a meadow without any additives.

Vegan protein

RAW protein with brown rice and peas with a complete amino profile. No added dyes and sugar.