Where to start


The question is, at what stage are you currently in your life. Do you have a problem? Do you realize you have a problem? Have you solved it yourself? Have you dealt with anyone yet?

I have had several such problems in my life. And from today's point of view, I realize what bad advice I received from the neighborhood (sorry neighborhood: D). Advice on what everyone knows, right?

                                            You're fat, just don't eat and exercise after all.

                                                             Or even better

                                                               Just Lose weight: D

                                                      You do not have time? Just make it.

                                Are you addicted to nasal drops? (yes and it is possible:D)

                                                               Just Stop taking them.

It's like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking or stop taking a heroin from a drug addict. People always have a bag full of tips on how to solve your problem.

It just has two problems. On the one hand, they are unusable, and on the other hand, all those experts are only experts till they do not have to apply these advice to themselves because they would find them unusable.

Things are not as simple as they might seem. But people today do not want to deal with things comprehensively. They want simple instant solutions that will solve their problem overnight.

No research into the causes of the problems that will reveal why they have ever occurred in our lives. Or better yet, no willingness to change anything in life and not permanently at all.

But as Einstein says: "Absolute stupidity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."

Any such change requires thorough preparation and analysis. It all starts and even ends in the head.

It is a conscious process. For example, you can try to lose weight unconsciously. You will find a great diet on the Internet, ideally a person who "tailors your menus" to your needs. You follow it honestly, for a week, two, 90 days, just as much as your advisor recommended. You have lost the xy pounds and you are living happily ever after. Well, I do not deny that the exception confirms the rule, and a few people will really succeed this way.

We "normal" people can't wait for the last day of our diet so that we can finally have pizza, beer, a sweets again, whatever our souls whistle for. And we'll take everything back nicely, even with interest. And the key is that we declare that the diet did not work at all, as we look worse than before.

The conscious process is a bit more complicated, which is why people are very unwilling to start solving their problems consciously. As I mentioned, it starts in your head. First, you need to realize that you have a problem at all, which I think is the most crucial.

People who have been fighting overweight all their lives have logically had to build a system of ideas about themselves that allows them to function at all in normal life.

Without it, it would be very difficult for them to get out of bed at all and step into today's world, where what you look like is the most important criterion for recognition in society. These beliefs are different.

For example, we believe that they are "only" fluffy, otherwise they are fine. Or that it's genetics, thyroid, etc. We all know this very well. It is also common to believe that it doesn't matter. And in my opinion, the most psychologically devastating belief is that it's "impossible".

Total resignation precisely because of absolutely inappropriate advice or diets, which not only destroy the body but mainly destroy the mind.

No, no strongwill will pull you out of this problem.

Strongwill is important, but it is impossible to last a lifetime of something based on strongwill. It is no longer possible only on the biological principle, where the hormonal imbalance in the body literally sends you to eat (we will talk about this in more detail later), so you will not go far with a strong will.

So what about that? How to change your beliefs? In my opinion, this is the most difficult and difficult part of the whole weight loss process. One has to find the inner strength in oneself in order to be able to consciously look at the fact that one has a problem and only a conscious inner decision that you want to solve it will guarantee you success and for life. In the next blog, I will share with you strategies that have helped me reach the decision stage.

Have a nice week.