Why your dog has a better diet than you


Whenever there is something wrong with our pets, we run with them to the vet. You know it very well.  I know it unfortunately, so far only from childhood, when I was constantly healing my turtle from something. I very much hope that my dream will come true soon and another family darling will be added to our family 😊

So, you come to the vet and he asks you what happened to your pet and finds out the details of his life. In the case of animals, there is an obligatory question. What diet does your pet have? The question is completely appropriate, though? After all, we all know very well that animals cannot eat anything. This has very big consequences for their lives and health, even on how they behave and how their nature manifests itself.

I think it is already clear to you where I am going. I assume that you don't go to MacDonald's to buy your dog a Big Mac menu or buy him pizza or chocolate, because you just know that he would be sick and it would be a huge problem. It should not be forgotten that even animals that do not have an ideal diet and conditions are beginning to have similar diseases as humans, which did not normally occur in them.

In his best interest, you buy him the best possible granules (of course there are exceptions) and you try to keep him in the best possible condition.

How is it possible that everything is clear to you about your pet and it is no  clear at all when it goes about you?

I understand that if you have that Big Mac menu, pizza, chocolate, you won't be sick immediately, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you in exactly the same way.

The doctors themselves are partly to blame. They never ask the extremely important issue of nutrition. Absolutely, for some mysterious reason, they underestimate its importance in relation to health. Unfortunately, this is based on insufficient education in this area and total ignorance of the fact that the organism is complex and everything is connected to everything.

Your body is literally the result of what you have eaten in the last year.

However, the traditional doctor looks at the problems very specifically according to his focus, which makes it very difficult to solve most health problems, which are mostly complex.

A comprehensive approach is something that veterinarians are clearly on top of, as well as the effort to cure real animals, because they would probably not be highly praised by pet owners for prescribing tons of expensive drugs.

And here comes our favorite solution, when rather than a doctor (they could finally think about why this is probably the case), we ask Google how to solve our health problems. 

But the problem is that we are asking the wrong questions. And the answer usually extends to us from conjunctivitis to cancer.

Ask google otherwise. Ask what to do so that you do not have such a health problem at all. We all know the whole theory about a healthy lifestyle and that this is disease prevention, but in reality we have no idea what that means. And these are the key questions to ask.

Ask what to eat, what to exercise, why it is to eat, why to exercise.

Question everything you have known about health and a healthy lifestyle, because as technology goes forward, nutrition and health research goes forward, and I believe almost everything you have considered healthy so far is no longer healthy.

Don't be afraid to ask, don't be afraid to question and try to bring your lifestyle closer to your dog's lifestyle 😊

                                                                Have a nice week.