Why short diets have not saved us yet


Diets were never "my thing". Herbalife, rice, 90-day, Maching, food combining diet, anything we find on the pages of women's magazines or in "professional" books written by people who have solved their problem in some way, which does not mean that they have found the ultimate solution for everyone.

Diets never made sense to me. My intuition, or maybe just laziness, told me that it must go without endless torment. I couldn't even imagine doing that even just one day.  For a few days I managed to eat only rice with apples. Oh. Literally "sweet" ignorance. All my life, of course, I blamed myself for more and more failures, because it was clearer than the sun that nothing but diet would help me.

I was not aware at the time, that it wasn't me who was wrong here the whole time. That it really doesn't have to be about lifelong torment and calorie counting. Thanks to my intuition, I "did not eat" my muscles, as 99% of women on any guaranteed diet did. Of course, we still have a large group here, which at least somehow figured it out and really honestly, sometimes very overly fighting with every calorie eaten in the gym or some other sport, because physics won't let go, will it? Which, of course, is true. If you are a calorimeter 😊 Of course, exercise is key to health, but not quite for weight loss. Other sciences are also entering this "caloric" game, and really a million times more demanding processes than those taking place in a calorimeter 😊 But we will talk more about it sometime in another blog. 


The fact that diets are still so popular is just proof that they don't work, as there are more and more people in society who are dealing with their weight problem. If they worked, we wouldn't have to keep coming back to them. If they worked, we wouldn't have the biggest obesity pandemic ever.

And it's not just about not following them properly.  The whole society is set up the other way around. We find ourselves in the middle of tons of nutritionally appalling food, total absence of quality, 90% of the goods in the stores are explicitly harmful to us. And are we going to blame people for all this, that they just can't do it? And when they start trying it and try to change something, the same people start telling them not to bother, to stop taking it so seriously, because one piece of cake won't hurt them. Such schizophrenia often occurs in our loved ones. So please decide what you really want.  

I know it all my life that once I succeed, it will be effortless and permanent. Overall, this concept of making a huge effort as the only way to any success is very ingrained and very harmful in today's society. This complicates ourselves a simple and joyful path to success. We feel that without hard work we do not deserve success. We forget that we are unique beings and we deserve whatever we desire in life without any doubt. I've always felt that it was used more for manipulation. As if we weren't good enough to even be here until we deserve it. Or that we must deserve love or recognition or whatever. We don't have to, we can have anything and without any regrets. And of course, I don't mean that we can have all the Milka chocolate without regrets :D Because when you look at it from a higher perspective, is all chocolate really what just serves your highest good?

Head is where the real weight loss occures. Our mind is what limits our possibilities.

So before we start cleaning our refrigerator according to the current fashion, let's start cleaning our head first. Easy to say, though? 😊 We need to open our minds and eyes to finally see the reasons but also the solutions to our problems, not just with weight.

Have a nice week