Stop hurting your own children


I was about 8 years old. As I have a congenital dysplasia of the hip joints, it was decided that I would spend a stay in a medical spa. My weight has always been a very risk factor in connection with my joints, so it was automatically decided that my 6-week stay would be in the spirit of a reduction diet. I started gaining weight at about the age of six. No one remembers the reason anymore, and no one has solved it in any fundamental way.

No solutions within the family, no change in standard diet, no exercise.

I already started to feel it at school, quite significantly. We all know very well what cruel children they can be in their sincerity. I felt separated from the team, I felt alone.

And that's where this change came, which as an adult I always recommend in a life crisis - to change the environment. However, this is not an ideal choice for children. I couldn't even imagine such a long time without my parents.

The day came and I felt like I might not be able to do it. And then something worse came. We arrived just at lunch time and of course sat me at a separate table because of my salt and fat-free reduction diet, which was hardly edible.

Of course, I was the only one there with this problem, which made me a target of ridicule during my entire stay.

The result of this "distress" was eventually the desired weight loss, although certainly not significant, and as you expect the weight returned to its original in a very short time after returning home.

What did I mean by all this?

This is just one example of how overweight affects a person in life, especially in childhood, it is a very cruel experience that one, if any, is having a hard time coping with.

We are looking for solutions, but on a very shallow level. No one tried to find out what happened, why a healthy child suddenly begins to gain enormous weight. No one was looking for what the real diet in the family looked like and the family did not receive any recommendations on how to behave in such a situation.. 

The only recommendation I remember was to do sports, which was perfectly fine, but because of my diagnosis, the only thing I could do was cycling, swimming, and horseback riding. Although I had a bicycle and I also rode it, but not enough, no one had to go swimming regularly with me, but of course we did not have a horse 😊

It is interesting that, in my opinion, people still have very different attitudes when it comes to children's nutrition.

In general, however, it is normal for children to drink artificial milk because breastfeeding is "impossible". That children eat sweets, and when you forbid them, you rob them of the joy of life. That children need syrup water and sweet tea to drink something at all.

And completely shocking that giving children bubble water is an absolute transgression, because children are not allowed to do it, but sweets full of carcinogenic dyes and sugar are fine.

We put food in the hands of children and mostly absolutely inappropriate for completely absurd reasons (and I'm guilty of this and I don't understand why I do it at all) most often, in my opinion, out of two.

The first reason is that someone told us that children have to eat 5 or more times a day, and if we don't, we feel like we're bad mothers.

And second, even worse, because we want peace. After all, only when they are eating we have a little quiet moment we need so much. 

At the same time, we do not realize how much we hurt our own children, how we slowly but surely earn them problems that they will have to solve later in life, and I do not mean obesity but also other diseases of civilization such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune problems and much more.

Question everything you know about eating children, look for information. You can also find out a lot of information here 😊 Just follow 😊

                                               Have a nice week