Have you lost yourself?


It is very easy to lose direction in life. Lose yourself. Lose control over our own lives, over what we want and what is really important to us. It comes slowly, like a disease. Symptom here, symptom there and suddenly you realize that you are unhappy.

You have gained 60 pounds or suddenly found out, that you are 20 years in a relationship that has not filled you for a long time. Yes, a person without respect for himself will not really notice 5 or 10 pounds or 5 or 10 years of unhappy life. He literally wakes up one morning and feels like it all happened in one night. We can be so very disconnected from our own reality or our own body. The overall perception of reality and time of obese people is completely different. A simple example is, when one realizes that one package of biscuits does not gain 3 pounds per night, which means absolute green to eat. He may not even realize that he does this on a daily basis.

Many of us are even convinced that we gain weight from the air, because we haven't eaten all day. We absolutely ignore x situations when we ate something during the day. Here's a cookie, here's nuts, here's a cake, and the list goes on and on. 

We find lost people everywhere. A man is sitting in the tram at 7pm in the evening returning from work, which he does not enjoy. However, he earns quite well. If he started taking pictures as he originally wanted, he wouldn't have earned as much. However, the equipment is expensive and people refuse to pay adequately. Clearly. What about being unhappy ?!

Or the woman in the Mall pushing a cart full of sweets and soda in sweatpants and the hair she had taken in the shower in the morning. She is only in the store. Who cares about her looks? She always took care of herself. She did her nails, went here and there to the hairdresser. She dressed quite well. She is married now and has been dealing with children all day, but who has time for all this, right?

We could find an infinite number of such examples. Many of us have lost respect for ourselves. They lost respect for their partners and families. Nothing about ourselves is important to us. 

We have voluntarily turned all our strength into someone else's hands. Companies that make cookies. A company that uses its employees indefinitely or a husband who, instead of trying to help his wife find himself again in another woman's arms.

We think, we have everything in our hands. We have everything under control. We do not have. We have nothing, until we take back the strength  we were born with and overcame all the difficult pitfalls of childhood and adolescence. No one is responsible for our lives, but ourselves. How we feel, our emotions are the right compass to show us the right direction.

The solution is simple and absolutely difficult at the same time.

Try to make every decision you make, regardless of its severity, based on the answer to the following question: Is this exactly what lines up with my happiness?

Let's take biscuits as an example again. I want to eat them because I just feel unhappy. And I feel that way because of how I look. If I eat them, I will feel better for a while. But I won't be happy in the long run.

Happiness is the goal. Happiness is the direction.

Have a nice week